Washed Rice Conveying Process

Washed Rice Conveyor

Washed Rice Conveyor
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Currently, there are strict regulations on drainage from rice washing processes as one of the measures for waste water treatment. Some extreme restriction may be placed on the amount of waste water and of rice washing water. In consideration of such cases, this unit has the structure that reduces the amount of necessary water to about one fifth of the water used by conventional models.
In addition, you can make the best use of this unit by integrating it into the facility that manages rice washing, transfer, and separation as a whole.
Washing machine for highly polished rice
  • (1) The rice is washed in the netted rotary cylinder as thoroughly as you manually wash it, and is sent to the rice washing tank. The rice is further washed with water to make sure that the rice is cleaned.
  • (2) The pump used here requires a little amount of water, enabling you to cut the cost.
  • (3) The rice is washed and transferred at the same time. This can contribute to labor-saving.
Model Capacity
Drum (ΓΈ) Power (kW)
WR-10 1500 1051 (991) 570 (510) 400 0.75
WR-30 4500 1551 (1491) 570 (510) 400 0.75
WR-40 6000 2051 (1991) 669.5 (609.5) 500 1.5