President's Greeting

photoSince founded in 1906, it has been our privilege to be given your caring supports, which enable us to stay on the right track to keep up with the times and to expand our business. We have been in the fields of traditional Japanese foods such as sake (rice wine), shochu (distilled spirit), miso (soybean paste), and shoyu (soy sauce) for more than one hundred years, making our best efforts to develop and produce brewing machines. Through our incessant improvements and enhancements, we have successfully earned various types of patents, and have been making every endeavor to satisfy our customers' needs. Now we can proudly say we have made a lot of achievements not only in Japan but also in the world.
We are very happy with what we have done up to now, which is quite fruitful and productive. We are deeply thankful for the support from our users and many other individuals and organizations because it could not have been done without their support. As the company that contributes to the food culture of Japan and of the world, we are willing to pursue the technology and the excellent production that best meet our customers' needs. We are intensifying our efforts for the development of the society and the culture.

Motohiro Araki, President