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Newly-developed Energy-saving Steaming System (Horizontal Continuous Rice Steaming Machine)

Horizontal Continuous Rice Steaming Machine


  1. Steam softener
    • A special steam system enables homogeneous generation of steam.
    • It also reduces noise and vibration.
  2. Steam chamber of the horizontal continuous rice steaming machine
    • The homogeneous distribution nozzle and the symmetry steam chamber structure are adopted for uniform steaming.
    • As the steam is uniformed, the necessary steam amount is reduced.
  3. Principle of grain steaming with the new steam system
    • The steaming time is adjusted depending on the amount of the steam distributed to the steam chamber, and the softness of the steamed rice is controlled.
  4. Energy saving effect
    • The steam amount is reduced by 30 to 40 percent, compared with conventional machines, to achieve the energy saving effect.